Trainings on Business Skills and Market Understanding
The project works towards organizing trainings on ‘Business skills and Market Understanding’. Weavers, so far from Ramnagar, Kotwa and Lohata clusters of Varanasi have participated in the training program. The training modules covers aspects like business planning, production, pricing, marketing, e-platform, business risks, certification and various social schemes of the government for the handloom weavers

Workshop on New Product Design Development
The design development workshops give an opportunity to the participant master weavers to learn contemporary designs and ways of product innovation. They are introduced to new products and aesthetics that respond to contemporary market needs through their first ever collaboration with professional designers. New design and product developments are led and facilitated by textile designers.

Access to social security under relevant government schemes for handloom weavers
Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society strives to help beneficiaries with various government schemes. The weavers have appreciated the door-step service offered through cluster coordinators from weaver communities hired by AIACA. The excellent relationship that the local project office shares with relevant government departments further contributes to the outreach and speedy processing of these schemes.

Awareness Meetings
Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society has been conducting meetings in the clusters to generate awareness about its services and government schemes for the handloom weavers of Varanasi. Weavers now have information on various schemes and procedures and hence can now avail the same. The society is working towards engaging with these weavers continuously.

Market Access/Linkages
The society focuses on developing products suiting the needs and the specifications given by designers linked to market. The program continues to bring in buyers/designers and directly links them with the weavers/production units. Besides this, the weavers are also encouraged to participate in the exhibitions, buyer seller meets and various trade fairs.