The Varanasi Weavers Hub located in Senpura, Lahurabir, Varanasi was inaugurated on 5th May 2015 by Ms. Radhika Singh, Program Manager, DFID and a Master Weaver, Mr. Kamaluddin Ansari from Ramnagar, who won a Regional level Award of Rupees Fifteen thousand from the State Government for his exemplary skills in the Handloom Sector

Varanasi Weavers Hub is a resource centre to serve the business service needs of handloom weavers in Varanasi besides preserving and advocating the rich heritage associated with the Varanasi weave. It is a Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS), Traidcraft Exchange and AIACA initiative. The Hub will also provide services related to design, marketing and enterprise support. This is a step to create an inclusive platform for handwoven Varanasi weaves in today’s contemporary world.