The Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society will promote authentic handloom brocade products from Varanasi. This Society will take forward the cause of revival, protection and continuation of Varanasi weavers’ and artisans’ heritage in the contemporary world through various initiatives of skill and design development, product diversification, promotion, market linkage, and match-making between artisans and service providers to support business and enterprise development.

The society will also facilitate technical assistance and access to government schemes. It will also act as a collective platform of the handloom weavers and artisans to influence policy and government programmes so that maximum benefits can reach these artisans.


The Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society stands for the following:

  • For the revival and fair trade of the authentic handloom Varanasi weaves which is facing many challenges by the onslaught of power loom and artificial silk.
  • To generate sustainable employment and improve access to social welfare through capacity building, market linkages and product promotion.
  • To ensure buyer access to genuine, high quality handloom and handicrafts that Varanasi is known for as well as ensure fair prices and trade to the actual producers who are mostly exploited and marginalized.
  • To provide order management and consolidation, quality check and timely delivery and provide holistic business support to the producers.